I am attaching a couple of articles which offer yet some hope for the country. Where will examining our elections take us? Fraud or no fraud we should know the answer before the Year 2021 ends. The states are many which are already conducting or seriously considering conducting forensic audits of their 2020 election. The opposition to doing this is great, but the determination to get to the actual revealing of the players and methods for accomplishing what is already understood to have happened is equally as great.

We have seen since the election that where we are now headed as a nation involves our further spiritual and economic demise, whereas where we came from even though it had been vehemently opposed by these same factions was so much better for America’s direction, until that is, the CoVid plan was unleashed most likely, as more is learned, in order to turn the election their way, and to line the pockets of the many who create division and who actually voice opposition to a strong America with a strong middle class in America.

That middle class since the 60’s has been increasingly made up of blacks and browns, as well as Caucasian and Asians.

The current thinking is that all whites are born rich and privileged, but the truth is far from that. My dad and possibly yours started with nothing. My dad having a ninth grade education rented a farm and was farming that rented land when I was born. I personally began working an outside job as a 13 year old boy in a boat dealership. I was working beside a black boy a bit older than myself, whose name was Alfonso. We both had the same opportunity to save our money and work our way into the middle class. I was the first in the Parks family to go to college following my High School graduation. I went to night school and I paid for the classes myself until I landed a better job where, as a benefit of that job, one half of my college was paid by the company, but only if I maintained a certain grade point average.

Nothing about advancing in life was just handed to me or to any member of our family. We all worked hard. We were taught that way.

Jesus had told us that the poor will always be with us. And they exist for various reasons. Poor decisions are made by all and they usually have some adverse effect on every one of us. Learning from those however is not always the case with humankind.

Our constitution says that we are all created equal, but we know that that is not exactly the case. But the graph revealing the IQ of blacks Vs whites and Asians is pretty much the same as far as the distribution of intelligence is concerned. But based solely upon what The Lord Jesus stated, the world will not ever solve the existence of the poor. — they will always be with us. And if things continue as they are right now headed, we of the middle class may find ourselves among the poor one day soon.

We can only work to spread truth, and hope and pray that the good in this land will win this battle for deciding the direction in America; and that that direction will impact the world. If God is not in the future of this country, its people will come to rue the day that He was cast out.

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BREAKING: Ruby Freeman’s Daughter Election Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss Is Subpoenaed for Deposition in Fulton County GA