127 military officers in 2016 including General Joseph Arbuckle, had signed a warning to America back in September of 2020, warning of the threat to our freedom in America from Marxism’s current attack in our military and on our Judeo/Christian heritage in America and the West.

Then more recently they have 162 signatures of “Flag Officers 4 America”.

The threat must be real. It is real and there is a patriotic opposition occurring around the country. The fight for America is on. Will it succeed?

General Arbuckle says the military is changing and has been since the Clinton Administration. The leaders within the military are canceled if they speak out against what is happening .

There is a Spiritual and cultural battle taking place right here right now. You are either in the battle or you are by default siding with the enemy. If you are buying into the propaganda that America is a systemically racist nation from its origin; then you are taking part in the Marxist destruction of your nation. You need to Think, Study, and Pray about what is happening and about what is behind it.

I hope for all of our sakes that the title of the second podcast that I am including here is true. But if not, you know where this is leading.