We know that in several scriptures there is presented evidence that Satan is involved in spiritual warfare in the heavenly realm. We also know that at some point he had been or will be cast down to the earth, just when is subject to debate; however his workings in the hearts and minds of man have been ongoing since the beginning of the fall of mankind.

his rage or outrage is well known. his methods are somewhat known. But recently the question concerning the extent of his plan and just how far he will be allowed to go by God in his execution of it arose when considering what is happening with the evil behind the Corona virus. Man has now been working with DNA and mRNA for just a short time, but a giant leap was taken with the shots now being given in the name of “Vaccine”. These mRNA shots were the first of there type, and were created in just days if not hours. (See

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Was Designed In Just Few Hours Says BioNTech Co-founder Dr Ugur Sahin

What has been astounding to many in the medical field is the unknowns surrounding the impact of these so called “vaccines”. The mRNA interacts with the immune system to produce a spike protein similar to the CoVid spike. What is unknown is what happens in the course of production with the transferring of this spike protein into the atmosphere much as one would do the virus itself (if one is infected by CoVid) by simply breathing the spike out into ones surroundings. Meaning that those who are not given the shots, could be infected with the spike protein just by being around “vaccinated” persons, as if they had taken the shots themselves. This raises several questions. One being how much of this protein production can one stand all at once, or even over time.

The other main factor is the long term effect on the bodies organs where this new bit of RNA attaches. What will it’s effect be on the Brain, and other organs.

There is already some evidence of its adverse impact on reproduction. Thus children and pregnant women are not to take the shots. However if the transmission of the shots effects can be made just by being around another “vaccinated” person, then does the child or pregnant mother wind up sterile and having an unwanted Abortion? Is this tool being used by Satan to eliminate the population by destroying reproduction in both male and female, which this article*,(see below), implies will happen if something is not done to counter these vaccines. Is this Satan’s plan, in order for him to attempt to prove God and His word wrong or a lie. Outsmarting God and proving Him less than perfect would be his only hope of winning his war with God.

Jesus had stated: Matthew 24:22 “And if those days had not been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. (NASB2020)

It’s interesting for the KJV says there should no flesh be saved. Is this therefore Satan’s final attempt to do away with all flesh on earth? Certainly doing away with man’s ability to reproduce would have that effect. And creating a shot which would destroy man’s immune system or have it attack his own organs would bring about the demise of all human flesh, and this is our Lord’s concern expressed in this verse. The following video has given rise to these concerns.