Yes, this may be that article written to you with much thought; it is my feeble attempt to show you what is happening on two fronts. Not only is the whole world under the deceptive spell of Satanically controlled forces, even as this attached video will convincingly make that case (it is a MUST WATCH; but the remainder of this article is also a MUST READ). Some are awakening to see how deception within church doctrine is now fully ripened to be used to destroy the faith of believers.

This video has the proof that you will need to begin to fully convince yourself of what you may have already believed to be rapidly occurring on the world stage, but my guess is that you have no concept of what is and has occurred within the Church itself to set the stage for this convergence.

Before I go on let me give you an assurance.

As a Christian and a believer in Messiah the only way that you can be deceived by Satanic forces is if you place your trust in something other than in Christ alone for your present and future hope. He is your blessed hope no matter what else my occur. We must always remember that.

Now let me attempt to help you see what Satan has been attempting to do over the past multiples of decades within church doctrine that now appears to have ripened to the point that he thinks that he can bring us down.

Just how have we been setup for this attack on our faith. Today’s video deals with the perspective of one of the three primary doctrines of the church dealing with this our time in church history. Of course it is also the worlds time in human history when from all appearances things are about to wrap up. This time is often called “convergence”, because the events of prophecy are all converged into one time period.

The video also reveals what has been happening to bring us to this moment. It is a good vehicle to get us thinking.

There are three approaches by the church to this period and all claims made by each are made with a Biblical context for support. The first I deal with almost on a weekly basis in posts where I question with scripture the pre-Trib thinking, which is that: we the church are about to be taken out of this broken world. If you should want to know why I can’t accept that view from a biblical perspective you only need to read my past writings on the pre-Trib movement — a movement in which I was raised and schooled.

This video reveals the second major line of thinking concerning our day. It proposes that we the church are about to with God’s help and direction usher in the golden age of Christ’s rule on earth, but through the church and without His physical presence.

It is my contention that both these widely accepted beliefs are wrong when compared with scripture relative to Jesus end of the age teachings in the gospels and the Revelation. And His teachings are supported by the epistles.

In this video you will hear referenced that we are in the time of Satan’s great plan as shown by his current attempts to impose the mark of the beast control over mankind. This to me was an interesting part of this video. Thus the present move of God is to usher in through Satans defeat the millennial rule of God through Christ’s Church. At the end of this golden age (which is not discussed in this video, but so that you will know) there is to be a brief tribulation period sparked by Satan’s release from His chained condition to briefly deceive followed by his total defeat (being cast into the lake of fire) by Christ at His return to earth.

These first two views encompass today most of Christianity.

If either are held to and yet proven wrong by coming events; then during this time of Satan’s release on the earth to bring in what our Lord called Great Tribulation in the gospels, and in the Revelation, then there will be the falling away of many even as Jesus taught it to happen. It could get so bad that it caused Him to ask: “when I return will faith be found on the earth”?

For this question to even be asked by our Lord; then there must be great disappointment caused by the events for which many within the church are not prepared. If our hope is in the Rapture, or in this golden age, and neither happen as expected and instead conditions worsen to the point of Great Tribulation such as the world has never known; then what will happen to a people placing their entire expectation in one or the other of these teachings?

As you watch this video, remember what I stated; consider these things, and remember our Lord’s words to us: And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. Matthew 24:4 NASB

We re living in very deceptive times on this earth. Hopefully this video will not be taken down.