Earlier this year a good Christian friend of ours (Ellen’s and mine), and I entered into an agreement. We agreed to: at the end of the year either apologize or hear the apology of the other based upon what happens with voter fraud during this year. The apology would involve whether or not the fraud would be proven.

He and I, of course, disagree as to what happened with fraud in this election. So far, he is winning because no court has yet heard evidence; no legislature has yet investigated to the point of knowing, although Arizona is proceeding with an investigation. GA has admitted to 400,000 unverifiable ballots, PA has 423,000 of the same, but still no court has yet agreed to hear one case, including the Supreme Court.

So when I heard that Sidney Powell was speaking on the Doug Billings program, The Right Side, I perked up. There are few people who are still working on this important issue for our Republic, and why should there be? People have been fired, threatened, killed and Sidney herself has been sued for around 4 Billion dollars, as has Lin Woods been sued. I have stated on several occasions that if God does not perform a miracle we are quickly headed toward the New World Order and Tribulation. This is why I do again bring it up. It is just that important.

What do I believe? I honestly don’t know how this will go. I shared a video a couple of days ago that I think made clear where we are in this world. Can that scenario be delayed? Only should God have His reasons will it be. Many prophets are saying that it will be, but even though God has called me to write this blog, still He has not told me if the end time scenario about which I write, and which the Bible outlines for us, will actually be delayed. I pray that it will, but that may be selfish on my part. For, we all should say, as John did: “even so, come Lord Jesus”.

I am posting this Sidney Powell interview below, and here is what I am watching for throughout the remainder of this year: Should something come of this case during this year to at least change the way we conduct our elections, we likely will see a pause in what is now an acceleration toward end time events. But should nothing happen, or even something happen to either dampen the efforts of Sidney or Woods, then I would expect The New World Order to be fully engaged in my lifetime. This administration is leading us hard in that direction, and if it becomes impossible to replace them due to future fraud; then God will have shown in my opinion His intent, and moved aside. Pray for the protection and success of these two believers as they do battle for righteousness. Here is the interview: click on link below:

Doug’s Exclusive Interview with Sidney Powell