This person was at one time a creation of God, but that can no longer be claimed; for it is now a creation of man. I do not hate this person, but I do hate what this person stands for.

Dr Rand Paul did not state any of what I state here; yet he is labeled a transphobic. In fact he asked very legitimate questions of this person as a reflection of his consideration for the children’s health of this nation. The fact is, as he clearly states, this person, who is a creation of man’s own, did not answer.

Am I a transphobic, yes, in fact I do hate what this person does stand for; just as I hate what sex traffickers stand for. Just as I hate my own sin and what it cost our Lord in payment.

Billy Graham had stated some years before his death, that if God did not judge America for her actions; then He would need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

We now live in a country where these persons are to be considered the norm and the rest of us, who want to protect this country from the Satanic influence that is rising in our midst, are those to be considered the unstable among us. They are the ones who “love”, and we are the “haters”. They are the ones “backed by science”, and we, as is Dr Rand Paul, are the “science deniers”. God stated that the world would be turned upside down one day. —That good would be called evil and evil good. That day is here my friend. It is here in America, and God’s judgment will fall. Revelation is not a myth. Don’t watch what is happening today in this country and read the book of Revelation at the same time, because if you do you will hear of the judgments that are coming, and they will shock and awe you right out of your complacency, should you still possess a conscience. The time has begun when it will cost you in the eyes of government to stand for Christ.

To watch this interaction at the Senate confirmation hearing click on the link below.