It’s not my intent to be mean, but give me a break. If you read yesterday’s post referenced here at the bottom; then you know that there is so much evidence for the Rapture’s timing causing it to be taught in scripture as post-Trib. And you further know that this evidence is simply ignored by pre-Trib scholars such as Andy Wood’s and Terry James. So for them to argue the following points is really straining at the gnat.

How about they examine what happens in Revelation 4:1 with the “voice as of a trumpet”, where there is no trumpet and no coming of the lord, and no resurrection preceding John’s being caught up. Why do you not point out those many differences Andy. You strain at the gnat, what have you swallowed? You use the scriptures to make them say what you want rather than what they actually teach.

Jesus says: “woe to you”

24 You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!

Matthew 23:24 NASB

Are there seeming contradictions in scripture? You bet there are. The Atheists and agnostics throw them up in our face all of the time, but scriptures do not ever contradict, they simply add additional meaning. Way back in the OT we are told that learning takes place from scripture in two ways. You study it line upon line, line upon line; and here a little There a little. No doctrine is based solely on one passage of scripture alone, passages must be combined and put together just as one does a puzzle. Mark 13’s rendition of Jesus coming, which parallels Mathew 24 used here by Andy has no mention of a trumpet at all. So does that mean that there must be another secret coming where there is no trumpet? In that passage there is not one trumpet by Angels nor even is there the Trump of God. Study to show yourself approved. Believe the Word. Consider it all. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. Don’t swallow the camel, and the gnat will take care of itself. It will even bring you enrichment.

Link to: Yesterday’s post below is in depth concerning pre-Trib reasons from Andy Wood’s point of view.