Following is my own conclusion after reading this article by Mike Whitney:

We have taken a man made virus which is proving to be on equal footing with the flu as a cause of death in the overall population, and we may well be supercharging it to potentially make it much more dangerous than it already is. It is almost certain that the vaccine is not making the virus less deadly. Read the article and you may just get really mad. It is evident that the deep state in cahoots with the world Elite are infecting the CDC and FDA as well as the world health protective agencies in many countries.

If you have taken this vaccine you now must be doubly on guard against this virus. If not then you will want to think twice before you do. jerry Parks

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Source – “…In my opinion, the risks of vaccination far outweigh the benefits. I would rather trust my own auto-immune system (and the new …

BIG PHARMA: Here’s Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine – Mike Whitney