I desperately wanted Trump to be President, as did many of you. And it was not so much for the man Trump as I was against the government of the Biden persuasion. It was because we would be seeing exactly what we are now seeing.

Having said that, I believe and I trust God implicitly. And I truly want these prophets of the church, who have prophesied that Trump would still be our President, (and they are many), to be right even as they now continue to state this message. These messages are still causing many of us to have a hope that God is about to perform His own miracle. I have even written myself that it could happen; yet, with caution that it may not happen.

The reason that I have written with caution is that I, and maybe even you as well were not personally told by God that Trump would definitely win, so we can only be hopeful that these prophets have heard from God, and that they are correct, and that Trump will still be installed as President; but I for one, will refuse to be disappointed in God, if they have not heard from Him, and if therefore a miracle does not occur. It is truly sad what is already happening to people who already are being laid off by the mere swipe of the President’s pen.

Faith only cometh by hearing the word of God, and what we do know about the days in which we are living is that these days are the days of deception and evil. This our day is written of in scripture. Men are calling good evil, and evil good. We would then not be wrong to even expect these to be the days of false prophets. What we know of false prophets in scripture is that often they speak in unison concerning things that men want to hear, when in fact God is sending instead a very different message of judgment.

What then we also do know is that faith can be tested and even lost in a day when most prophets do not speak for God. If a man puts his faith in the prophet and in a prophecy that fails and he allows that to be a reflection of failure on God Himself, then his misplaced faith has utterly failed him. That’s why we are to test the spirits in the prophets, to see if they be of God. You are not lacking in faith just because you test these prophet’s messages. You will never fall when you trust in the word of God, because He will not fail you.

One cannot test a prophecy before hand, for the prophet’s word must come to pass before he is considered to be a true prophet. If these prophets are true, then their words will come to pass, and we will rejoice.

Trust in God and abide in His Son our savior Jesus the Messiah of Israel. But, if these prophecies fail we will still rejoice in Him for He is a mighty fortress and He is our strength. His word is true, and He will deliver even those who lose their life for Him.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.