It’s not an easy answer. And, know that what I expect does not always happen as I expect. But there is evidence that the insurrection act has been signed, giving the military authority and responsibility to protect this country. I’m therefore believing we will see the military already in place in DC take over temporary custody of our government until we can have new elections.

In America we are a nation of laws. How often have you heard that. Here you can basically say most anything, or you could, but you could no just do anything. The constitution allows one but not the other. The military if involved will be because the government including the courts has failed the American public. Basically it has corrupted itself by its own actions, and inactions. The involvement of military will include its own courts, and they having already examined the evidence will probably make arrests in order to emphasize the seriousness of the actions of the day.

Trump will not immediately be installed as president, but will be at some point, possibly after new elections if he should win, but probably not, as there may be sufficient evidence that he had already won.

The Biden’s and the crooks tied to the fraud surrounding the stolen election will most likely be arrested to be tried in a military court. This seems to be the logical way forward. We have all, those who watched, seen much of the domestic evidence of fraud. The military has likely all of this evidence and more including that of Chinese and Italian involvement, and possibly other countries as well. So this is both foreign and domestic actors violating our constitution, in the steal or attempted steal which took place.

They the military have taken the same oath to defend the constitution and to protect the country against enemies both foreign and domestic as do other federal office holders.

The question then is — will they take down any of these office holders, who are involved? I think we will be surprised.

This would seem to make the most sense, and certainly would be the most legal and brilliant way to resolve this. It takes Trump out from under and away from any association and thus accusations as to him having stolen this election. The media will have no choice but to cover this military takeover of government, and they will have to report the military’s presentation of the election fraud evidence, which should galvanize the nation against the democrat party, and minimize riots, which should they occur would be against the military and thus dangerous to any of the rioters. The military are those, who deal in real ammo.

So I expect this to be close to the way it will go down. And if not and if Biden is allowed fraudulently into office, we then are not far from being a communist/socialist government and thus not far from Tribulation. So what does God intend for this our time? That is the question. Most Believers have done our part. We have prayed. Don’t stop, either way do not stop.