The articles I’ve shared this morning and some before this morning tell of actions that probably are coming. We all want the best and God’s blessing on these happenings. Many prophetic words say this is God. I don’t doubt God when He speaks, but we are to test the prophets.

This morning I received a prophetic word for review from a brother whom I highly respect. It is a word of judgment for the sins of not only the nation but of His people who are divided and thus not giving out the mind of the Lord. I wish as stated before for the purging of evil, but will that also include the sinfulness in the body. I think it could. Things may become very bad for even us the Church body. I know that we are now divided doctrinally. This is what I told our brother:

XXXX, I appreciate you my brother. There is no doubt that this country is And will be shaken. 

 There are many words coming forth. I have shared just a couple this am. You may wish to read them. Many “like minded”believers are praying and speaking out. Not all are agreed that we will fall at this time. (So are we really like minded?) What seems to be agreed is that we will see purging of evil. I have not gotten God’s go ahead to proclaim yet what will be His decision with the outcome of actions now in place, (this) because of what is occurring. I am hopeful that He will spare us as a nation following the purging, but I know that we are at a dangerous place, and that His purging may continue on with us depending on the church’s reaction. He will not be mocked. We must come forth no matter (what) His move (might be) humbled and teachable as His body. I love you brother, and appreciate you. 

God is definitely in this our time. We are in Biblical times. That means Jesus is going to be answered — one way or the other.

God’s will be done.