I recently received this video from a good friend and fellow patriot. He knows what patriotism is all about. Lord knows we have all prayed for what this video stands for He, my friend who sent this to me, has seen the life of at least one family member snuffed out for his country and for our freedom. I watched this and then I wrote him (I’ll call him XXXX) these words: I want you also to see this, and I want you to consider the same message that I sent to him.

XXXX, I do think that this is all possible. I hope it is real for our younger loved ones sakes.  But, I also wonder why the support of Trump has diminished seemingly so quickly after 1-6?  What is stated in this video is certainly what any patriot anywhere would want to see, but will it actually happen?  If so, it must happen quickly. The 20th is coming and if it doesn’t happen my concern is that the letdown will be so demoralizing that things will become much worse for us than had we not believed in the first place, because they will rub our noses in it without relenting.  We are already seen as crazy for believing. We are seen as being in need of reprogramming.

We must be prepared either way for what may come.  This is why I keep pointing out in my own posts that our future is in Gods hands. If He is in this reversal and awakening it cannot fail. If He is not we must understand what that means and to do that we must understand Biblical prophecy for what could be coming for our day.  I’m praying for an awakening, I’m preparing in my spirit for tribulation. God bless you brother, and thank you for being my friend. 

Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours,  but only God’s truth matters. 

To you the Reader of my blog: Watch the video below, and whatever happens do not be offended by our Gods plan for our victory. We will in the end win. Abide in Him.

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