Such a thing could happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

That we cannot believe what we hear from the News Media.

That what I’m writing would be considered unamerican

That riots would be called peaceful protest if incited by communist sympathizers, but would be completely misconstrued if organized by Conservatives opposed to the stealing of the constitutional republic.

That deception rather than truth would drive the news narrative.

That cheating would be promoted in our elections by the very structure of those elections

No voter ID requirement

No poll observers allowed at the recording of the vote

No court hearings allowed concerning evidence reported and confirmed to be real by actual witnesses

No opposition by the ruling party because of the fear of the exposure of their own corruption

No voice given to patriotism in the face of all of this

That patriotism would be the pariah in a nation infiltrated by communist tactics.

How will this end?

God we the people who love the freedom that You gave us in America need You. We need You as much today as You were needed in the years leading to 1776.