Trump is the President. Apparently he is threatened by not just words at this point, but to the point of needing to be whisked away by military. I’m reading between the lines but we know of the unfounded calls for impeachment, but it is deeper than that (probably as deep as in the deep State and the World of Elite leaders). He has evidence that many — even some in his own party have colluded in the fraud that now is provable to be international espionage. This cartel will do anything to keep the truth from coming out.

Why do they want to impeach him? If he is not stopped they are all (in this country) in danger of being tried in military court. If they truly believed that everything was over with the election they would not be doing the things they are, and saying the things they are. He is a dangerous threat not to the country, but to their freedom and to their power.

The tables are in danger of being turned on them, and they fear it. Will Trump succeed? Only if God is on his side. We are praying as we should. These are difficult times for this country and for its people. The New world order is powerful. God is more powerful. Pray that He God will choose for our sakes (the elect) to prove Himself strong even as He often did in the days of Israel. But understand that in the days of her decline God stood by while the nation fell.

There is much evidence that Trump is right. There is only reaction to this evidence from the world system which is attempting to prove Him a traitor. To the world he is a traitor to everything that it stands for, and the world stands opposed to God Himself. The spiritual battle is what is important not the political battle.

Has God deployed in the Spiritual battle? That is our most important question. Our sincere prayer must be for His deployment. We need to be assured in our hearts by God that His troops stand surrounding this nation, for when they are deployed we can watch as one man can fell ten million votes.