Unfortunately for us all the prayers to delay this movement were not honored by our Lord. He alone still has time to act. If Biden is inaugurated then the time will have come to ask why. Is it my fault? Is it your fault? Or is it that many have been called but that only few have been chosen? Will the many be exposed in this time? Scripture makes clear in no uncertain terms that a time like we are in will come for the earth. A time when men would be lovers of self, and not lovers of God. A time when men would run to and fro on the earth. A time when knowledge would increase as it has in our lifetimes exponentially. A time when that knowledge would lead everywhere but to the truth. Are we in that time or will truth yet prevail? A time when men would be given over to a reprobate mind. Will these men be exposed?

If you are gleeful today you may want to take inventory of your life. This is not a gleeful time as it currently exists. The great reset is coming your way if God does not act, and it now without that action has free reign in your country. How do we know this? Because there were so many ways that what is now happening could have been stopped, the stage was set for just that other result, yet none of the many ways laid out before us so far have been implemented. Many were called but few so far have chosen to put their life and reputation on the line for freedom. Courage faded, and is almost gone. Unless God acts, you and I who stand for truth and freedom will become the pariahs of society. We will either fade back into our houses like good little citizens or we will be put down and some of us will be put away.

Some of us expect imminent rapture. I find no scripture as you know to support this understanding coming from God’s word to us. In fact scripture says that we Jew and Gentile are one new man. That there is only one way to salvation and that is only in Christ Jesus. And that all who are in Him, who die in Him must rise according to Paul before those who remain alive in Him are raptured.

What is ignored by pre-Trib eschatology is the fact that many who are in the Tribulation period do die in Christ and they have the very same scriptural promises that you and I have, they will rise first at His coming and then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together to meet Him in the air, as He and His armies are in final decent to execute the final wrath of this the Lamb of God.

So be prepared for for whatever God has, be Tribulation as imminent or His deliverance. This means that it may or it may not start tomorrow, or next year or ten years from now, but it is likely the next thing on God’s calendar is deliverance and revival or Tribulation. Either way we win in the end.