Man in America

The Plot to Steal America, Featuring: Seth Holehouse

I am sharing this video from Man in America, it is becoming more and more difficult to share what I believe to be important, because of the day in which we live. As you know many Christians believe we are near the end of the age. So it becomes no real shock to us that these things we are seeing are actually happening.

This video keeps being censored. When you click on the video link below at the bottom of this article, you will see this screen.

You must hit the x in the top right corner. You will then see:

Click on the “censored share please” in center right location on the page. It is a video titled “The Plot to Steal America”

You may not want to believe where we are in prophetic time (God’s Time), but what is happening is real. Tribulation is coming, I created this blog to inform what that means to you as either a Christian or non Christian. This blog should be studied reading the “foundational” articles first. Now for the video, click on the link below: