We are obviously coming to a climax within the next month concerning the election fraud issue as it may effect who is President. That of course, is stating the obvious and goes without saying. But what we are seeing now surrounding this topic is division. There is division within the nation politically, and within the Trump leaderships ranks, just as we have seen division within the Christian ranks on this years election fraud. So we need to ask why? With that thought I remember that division has existed in religious thought for a long time. Our nation was founded in order that man be able to choose his own truth surrounding the Bible, and in some ways this freedom to choose has had the effect of this division within Religion and on politics itself in this country; thus resulting in our current political state with a church and a nation that is divided over politics. This is not new then, speaking of this division. But it can’t be good, because Jesus says that a nation or people divided against itself cannot stand. Certainly a nation founded upon religious freedom where its people are ever learning but never coming to a meeting of the minds as to truth; therefore must be seeing a fall of some magnitude even as we are seeing take place in the United States.

Jesus spoke of a falling away from the faith. Today’s truth division certainly could have been in His mind when He made that pronouncement.

With God nothing occurs rapidly because of His mercy and grace. He wants all men to come to a knowledge of the truth, but when He does act it is sudden and with great effect. Therefore, I am willing to conclude that if there is no action to thwart this fraud, then our course for this nations future is bleak. At the same time if there is any action amid the existing division it will need to be from the very hand of God Himself, and it would bring only glory to Him.

Many of us are praying for revival, there is still hope. There is always hope. The final hope of this age, and the hope to which we cling is known as the blessed hope and it is the hope of Resurrection and Rapture for all who are in Christ Jesus at His Coming. A troublesome time proceeds this great event. Even so come Lord Jesus.