“But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man. (Matthew 15:18 NASB1995)

Some of these messages I truly want to believe. But there are Two things today within them all that cause a check in my spirit.

We are not blessed by God as Christians based on the wealth of the world but on the Spiritual wealth of God’s gifts. If as some messages are saying Jesus is making us ready for His coming, and His kingdom, then we must understand that scripture says that leading up to that great event, His people will be attacked by Satan in a last ditch wrath that we only, who are in Christ, will be able to stand (we will stand firm in and overcome). John was told that we will overcome Satan by the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony, and that we will love not our lives unto death. Jesus said that if we fight with the sword we will die by the sword.

In this day I want to be positive, but realistically this country and the world are changing in front of our very eyes. If any of the prophecies we hear about Great prosperity and revival from pastors — make america great; Build Back Better, from the world leaders, are in any way to occur before what God predicts (for a time like this) known as the Tribulation to come. And if they are to come before the pre-Trib Rapture as we are told by many, — they even are promised (they say) in God’s word (but where). So I believe these things only when I see them come true exactly as they are stated. This is the biblical test of a prophet of God. But for any of them to occur would require a “truth” contrary to Paul’s message in 2 Thess. Chapters 1&2.

So short of these promises from the many voices today, you might want to take seriously the promises of scripture and make preparation for spiritual warfare in the evil day. Things are bound to worsen as evil takes over, and then worsen some more before Jesus comes. If you are a believer, then prayer and the word of God are your weapons.

I hear talk of civil war on Parler now from conservatives. Follow Jesus in Spiritual warfare and revival will come, but it will most likely come in the midst of Tribulation. Don’t be one adding to Tribulation by your actions, but one overcoming as Jesus told us we must do.