I write about Bible prophecy on this blog. I have been criticized for including evidence of Election fraud on this blog, and for taking sides in the election. I have tried to explain my reason for doing so, as being my concern not over the election of a man but of a righteous platform. Maybe I have not done that as well as I should.

I have emails that reveal to me that even Christians in our nation are either not concerned, or are simply blind to truth as to where we are in time and season in this human journey in time.

The video that I am attaching here is more than sufficient evidence of the plight that we as believers not to mention as a world citizen face in the now of our existence.

I have stated before that if we do not see victory in resolving this voter crisis now we have effectively lost this republic. That seems a sensational stand, but when good people can be intimidated into doing the wrong thing in our stand against evil; then there is nothing short of God’s direct intervention that can save mankind from the evil that is being unleashed.

Some of you believe that the rapture has to happen because of what we are seeing; some of you think that there is nothing there in what we are seeing. The truth of what is there says get ready not for rapture but for spiritual war unlike any that you have seen. But Jesus said: then there will be great Tribulation. What stands between us and that time? The restraining by God of the one world leader, who is seen in scripture seeking for the believers destruction. As a believer you had better enter into this warfare fully armored.

I can only say that this video should send the church to her knees.