Certainly CoVid can be lethal, just like the Flu can be lethal. The question is, if every country did as Sweden has done and would live as if this were lethal much like the Flu, would we have any worse results than Sweden, or even than we now ourselves presently have from Covid?

The one Worlders say that they are concerned about several things, among them is population control. They advocate for birth control, abortion, euthanasia, the reduction of procedures paid under health insurance coverage for our older population. All of it to reduce the dire impact of so many humans on our planet. So why not just allow conservatives to go unmasked, with freedom to open businesses and to wonder about the world uninhibited, while they themselves hunker down and await their vaccines.

Then the question also arises why push the vaccine as a must have for everyone in the entire world population? Why not cull the population, and just let the conservatives die of “highly”infectious Corona while they themselves get vaccinated and rule over those left in the world. Do they just want us, whom they hate to live, because if we die then they would have no one to rule over? – No, there are plenty of poor and uneducated liberals over whom the educated elite can continue to enslave and thus reign supreme. So what’s up?

First the CoVid is treatable, and is being treated successfully. That fact cannot be made known in the liberal media, because to do so would cause these monsters to lose control. The other issue is their conservative opposition is too well informed and we know that this virus is lethal only to persons who are physically compromised and who don’t get early treatment.

Effective treatments involve a combination of Anti-Inflammatories, cortizone and blood thinner. Conservatives know that this virus can be defeated. President Trump’s Drs. defeated it in him quite handily. Rudy is defeating it.

This virus was a tool of China and the one worlders released to control this one countries election. The leader of the free world is not cooperating under Donald Trump’s control. He is leading in the wrong direction. Even with this virus he has Trumped their efforts. Should he emerge victorious in this election, our nation under God will have Trumped their one world order for at least another season. God’s will be done. The Liberals and quite frankly many professing Christians miss the God factor in this and every human equation entirely. A believer knows that God has each of our days numbered. He knew the outcome of this election ordeal before it ever began. As I have stated before in previous posts He has allowed the scenarios which are now in place for good people to have the ability to impact everything that is happening. But God forces no one to act per His will, but only invites us to do so. So those of you who can, do the right thing. The rest of us should pray for and support them.

May God bless America and the efforts of His people to impact a lost and dying world just this one more time. Even though Tribulation is in this near future, even so come Lord Jesus. We need you. This world needs you.