We have always known that our freedoms as Americans have been won and protected through the bloodshed of patriots, who stood against Tyrannical outside influences. We knew that God led George Washington, and our founding fathers in the establishment of this nation. We as a peace loving people don’t fully understand that it took all out war to bring this nation into existence, but that fact is well established.

In our time tyrannical inside forces evidently have been biding their time, well camouflaged from most of us. We knew they could exist, but certainly they were no real threat. How wrong we were.

Twenty years ago I would have argued that we would never in my lifetime need to battle such forces in order to preserve individual and religious freedoms. Yet today men must go to court to prove the truths of fraud in opposition to our constitution. Is it possible that revolution would be necessary to preserve this free Nation?

President and leaders including our military in America take the oath to protect us all from the outside and the inside forces of tyranny. Those enemies who now are out to destroy the rule of law and our freedoms are real. They have exposed themselves to the observant.

Today there is every reason to believe that we are under attack both from the outside and inside forces and the effort to fundamentally change what God has gifted to us.

Paul stated that our battle is against Spiritual forces in high places. It certainly is not that flesh and blood do not manifest that evil from the spirit realm much in the same manner as do we manifest the Holy Spirit’s righteousness. George Washington and his troops were not solely doing battle on their knees; although there was much of that. In order to remain free what exactly would we need to do, and if this election is lost will it even be possible to retain this constitutional Republic?

Jesus stated that it is by their fruits that you shall know them. Paul stated that our offensive weapons are the Word and prayer. Not our words but God’s word. On this earth scripture tells us that if we can’t reason with the flesh and blood that is hear manifesting as an enemy; then we may wind up in court. Obviously the time for reason is over. The fight is right now in the courts, and before State legislatures.

Otherwise we citizens must also fight in any way that God presents to us an avenue to do so. We have fought wars for other countries, are we to stand down when our own country is under communist siege?

Candace Owens is fighting just now a citizens battle for us in court. Pray that others of us in this country will see and hear from God His wisdom for our day, and do the same. Keeping Trump in the office is the most important act of our day. This is where he has the duty as our occupying holder of the Presidency the highest office in the land, to expose as he is now only starting to do the enemies within.

If these enemies of democracy are able to secure control at this time in this fraudulent way, having thwarted the will of the people, then they will never be able to relinquish that control for fear of being exposed. In fact it is this fear of Trump to finally expose their ways, that has prompted the level of fraud in this election. For now pray with everything that is within you.