So the war has come to our shores. Literally we are being bombarded with enemy fronts on both coasts (East and West). The soul of America is found in its Judeo-Christian morals. Socialism has always denied the God factor in life itself.

Yesterday we watched the legal opening arguments in the case which has potential to either secure or do away with the American free right to choose its direction. Free elections are at the heart of the democracy. This fact is acknowledged by both Democrats and Republicans, who in each election enter the election booth with the understanding that my vote counts as much as any other. This agenda however has no real meaning to the Socialists who are invading this nation.

We have always been told that elections have consequences. There are dire consequences for stolen elections. If the majority of the states in this country want socialism; then America will become socialist, but if they don’t and yet they allow a socialist minority to take control of the nation as they have allowed socialist ideals to invade their school systems in almost every county and state of the union; then we the American people have either abandoned what men throughout our history have cherished so much that they actually died for its principals, or, we want as a nation to to turn ourselves over to the possibility of tyranny.

Elections won at the polls have no meaning to socialists, as seen in the call for Lindsay Graham to step down:

They will do anything including the committing of fraud in elections to control your life and to stamp out your God and His morality. We must fight with every Spiritual weapon in our arsenal, if we want a free America for our most precious commodity— our children.