I do have hope. I do not have the confidence of Pastor Greg Locke and others, that we will see victory for this nation over the rising evil. Our hope is in God and His kingdom, not in this world’s systems or its governments. Men have been given a free will, and once the world chooses evil their minds will be given over to reprobation.

A deceptive evil is spreading it’s presence in this country, and we stand at a crossroad. We can see the new world order spoken of in the Revelation on the horizon. This country and our laws and our believers in the Savior of His creation (the law giver) have stood in the way, in the gap. The NWO looms. This nation is the last bastion of true freedom, and its laws are ignored, the Gospel is ignored, and we are divided. Jesus has said that a nation divided can not stand. Was His statement to that effect a prophetic one concerning us in these last days?

God has allowed the events to occur for the placing of a court, which can hold back the evil that has risen in this land. We must pray, for we are about to decide as a nation, which way we will go from this crossroad. This is not a time to stand and watch, this is a battle being fought in the spirit realm. We must continue to stand for righteousness and the word of the Lord, even if the nation chooses wrongly.