Please share this. Trump, who not long before the Obama/Biden Administration came about was a Democrat, said in his Thursday night debate that, it was the failure of the Obama/Biden Administration that caused him to run. Trump first ran in 2011 after the first 3 and 1/2 years of Biden as VP. He did not win the nomination until 2015 after almost 8 years of Obama/Biden.

Biden in the Thursday night debate stated that this election is about character. This guide does not say all that is to be stated about character, there is the current FBI ongoing investigation into the Biden Family. The Trump investigation is over, including the impeachment. It will come back to haunt the Democrats only if they lose the house. But should Biden win and lose the house, and impeachment occur over these character flaws; then again we as a free nation lose with a Harris Presidency. Harris is stated to be the most Liberal in all of Congress including Bernie Sanders.

Vote wisely

In this country we all are subjects of this Government. There today more than any recent day exists an obvious warning concerning the plight of unrighteousness. God’s warnings to us are prevalent. We stand or we fall as a blessed nation, with our choice. May God find reason to continue to bless America.