it is interesting what some people will put up with and even vote for in America today.

Liberals rule in California. (Click on Link at end of this message to understand what this means). They are spreading their roots in our federal Government. A California congress woman occupies as Speaker of the House, and now the California Senator is on the ballot to become Vice President, and is likely to become President should Biden be elected. The California model could soon be fully applied in America, if people vote as the Anti-Trump conservatives want, and of course unity will miraculously return to our shores; because Conservatives will go back to behaving like they did before Trump was ever elected, back to when we had no voice over the immorality being legalized in our land. When no wall or border security was allowed, when Democratic leaders were given vast sums for allowing big Technology to monopolize the air waves and big Democrat support to monopolize the news, which by the way, is all now in jeopardy if Republicans can just win.

What are liberals afraid of? That Trump is replacing the Court with Judges who will rule based upon the original intent of the constitution. That religious members of this country will have the same rights afforded others and that those rights will be guaranteed them. They are afraid that religious men/women who have a conscience toward God, will, if placed on the court, call men murderers for killing their children. And that business owners and churches will have the right to hire whom they wish to work in their establishments, and the right to politely refer out work with which they do not wish to be in partnership. They are afraid that businesses may be allowed to establish standards and practices in keeping with their religious beliefs, and be allowed to compete for business which will actually support those beliefs, and which will not force the beliefs of others on them in such a way as to cause their beliefs to be compromised.

The answer: “No I cannot do that for you”, should be the right of every business owner. But this scares not hell but heaven out of most liberals today. Remember heaven is the place of God’s righteousness. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.