“Last month, [Senator] Hirono declared on the Twitter that she would not support Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, providing a long list of reasons for her decision. The senator from Hawaii concluded, “ taken from the Blaze. Her quote:

“I oppose her nomination and will fight to deny her a lifetime position on the United States Supreme Court, and in doing so, will tell the American people the danger she poses to hard-won rights.”

It is these hard won rights that I want us to focus on:

Of what is she speaking? Is it aborting a baby which the law now allows? Is it murdering a full term baby which some states are now doing? Is it criminal child abuse, by allowing an unwanted baby that is born alive to starve to death after birth, which is now being allowed? Are these God given rights under the original intent of the constitution?

Or is she referring to the hard fought for right to allow man to marry man and female to marry female. Is that the now legal right of which she speaks? A right for which there had been no legal precedent established within the history of man, and one which God forbids in Scripture. The constitution is based on God given rights.

In fact, in both cases stated above these acts are considered to be evil in the sight of God. Considering that, is there a correlation between the support for these “hard fought for rights” and the rise of evil in the land.

Are the things happening within the United States warnings from God? We hear blame placed upon Global warming for the fires in the west, and for the storms of the East. Young people are being taught to fear over the “coming calamity” due to global warming, now referred to as climate change. What’s so interesting is that no one outside of the Believers in God’s word even begin to consider the real threat to mankind from God Himself in His warnings of wrath to all who reject Him.

These warnings are themselves considered to be hate speech in some jurisdictions of the law in these United States. Is this the next to be “hard fought for right” — the right to be free of Christian free speech?

The courts remaining constitutionally correct, and which extremists have turned to in order to change and make laws once considered to be anathema in American jurisprudence are the only hope for the continuation of a conservative voice in America. It is Biblical to expect that God will protect America so long as He has a voice that can be heard. Should the courts be packed by the Biden Administration or the Harris Administration, we stand to lose our now legal God given right as believers to free speech.