We live in an era of deception.

I find myself profoundly irritated when listening to the debates. The Charlottesville lie has been told time and time again by news media, so why should we not expect to see it on the Debate Stage? Deceivers must do what deceivers do best.

So obviously it’s the same with the CoVid lies. Beginning with the numbers. But the lies from the media and the Dems involve their claim of just how much better than Trump they would have handled what they up front saw as overreacting on Trumps part. But the biggest lies are about the economy being destroyed by Trumps policies. The CoVid and the economy can’t be used in the same breath. No way according to deceivers that it could have any bearing on the economy when Deceiver state governments stay shut down.

But the big question is will those who listen to the deceiver not be deceived? No one likes being deceived of course, but when men are trained to trust one party over another it’s not a fair fight when their party has turned to evil.

◦ What’s interesting is the fact that Biden had to drop out of his 1988 race for lying and plagiarism, but today his lies and plagiarism is in vogue on his side of the political spectrum. And certainly it’s aided by a media who walks in darkness where there is no truth.

But the biggest lie reveals their biggest concern. “It’s my body”. The killing of ones children or even someone else’s children is certainly one sin that will bring the wrath of God down upon one. Jesus said: it would be better if someone tied a millstone to you and cast you into the sea; than for you to harm one of these little ones.

Those of you who are voting Democratic must have no fear of our Lord, you must think that He is like you and that He too must be a liar; otherwise you would be running immediately to the courts to put down any abortion that is not for the protection of the mother. Right now the Democrats and those voting for their agenda will learn all too soon in your cases, just what real global warming is going to be like. And believe me this day is coming and sooner than you think.

The born again experience brings God’s Holy Spirit into the equation. He will lead you into all truth, if you receive Him and follow Him in life’s decision.

Repent before it’s too late, ask Our Lord to show you the real truth among all the lies.