Maybe you know that feeling. I know of some Christian republicans who have decided that they cannot vote for this President. Their reasons are mainly about his personality. He, they say is the catalyst for this country’s division. He is rude and crude. He is responsible for the spread of COVID-19. When I hear Republicans say these things, I think of the consequences of a loss. If Biden/Harris is our best choice in their eyes then I know what looms in our future.

There is no question that Trump’s election spawned an uproar within the political arena, and it caused the left leaning media to come out of the closet. And boy did they. But the real impact was from the left leaning Democrat politicians. They spew their hatred of not just Trump, but of everything once considered good for this country. The media once the guardian of truth and what is just and right, became the defenders of corruption in politics, and this has fed the Democratic positions placing them on steroids. To them Trump must be taken down by any method, by twisting every word and action of his and of his administration. He is a threat to their being exposed in the courts.

Perhaps the best example of the truth that is contained in what I am saying came out in the Kavanaugh hearings. Here a good man was smeared lambasted and all but crucified because of only one thing. He was a conservative constitutionalists. Nothing that was brought up had anything to do with his rulings. It was all contrived. But the liberalization of the constitutional law is the goal of the Democrats and our media today, and Trump stands directly in the way of that goal. Christianity can only be attacked under the hate crimes being passed by them, if the constitution be liberalized to say something different than its original meaning and purpose.

The worldwide persecution of Christ and His people that scripture tells us is coming under an antichrist system can only occur should the constitution of the United States of America be changed or disappear. This process is already underway, but Trump came along and interfered, postponing it for a season. How long will that season last? — so long as you and others like you are awakened to the agenda that is planned.

We are at war, as Christians in America, against principalities and powers in high places. Don’t forget that. Freedom in America is hated by the enemy of the gospel.

Once enough American christians fall asleep to their part in this war persecution will evolve into Great Tribulation. God is allowing us, just as He once allowed Israel, to decide what kind of world we want to live in tomorrow. We are a product of our decisions.