President Trump has in the past been very open or transparent concerning his beliefs concerning COVID-19. He also in the past touted Hydroxychloraquine as what he calls an effective treatment for this disease. He in fact has told us that he has taken the Hydroxychloraquine as a preventative or profolactic.

One of my friends alerted me of the October surprise, of course being, that Trump is infected.

We all know that the news media has put him down repeatedly for his touting of this drug. It is his and our thinking that this drug is proven effective even though the media and the public listening to the media will call this foolish.

But what if this is truly God’s October surprise. What if Trump never gets really sick from this virus do to his profolactic treatment. Trump is in at least two of the at risk categories: he is 76, and he is over weight.

But, what if God were to have the last word in this October Surprise. Right now with The Trump’s quarantining it almost makes Biden look like a genius. But if God means it for good and not for evil against Trump it could become the surprise that turns the tables on the virus and on the media pundits, and provides the means for normalcy in our nation.

What if Trump walks out into the world stage in 12 days and says I told you that Hydroxychloraquine works, and now I’m authorizing by executive order the stocking of drug store and grocery store shelves with this medication and I’m lifting the need for a Perscription and making it an over the counter drug available to all as preventative for CoVid. He then steps aside and has his Drs go over all the studies both foreign and domestic outlining the benefits of this drug.

If you are a believer and if you think that Trump is God’s man for the next four years then pray for this outcome. One thing that I’m pretty sure of is that there will be prayers by some among us that this surprise will not work out well for Trump’s re-election.