But I do know what I know.

It is Unfortunate, but Trump in last nights debate possibly looked bad to moderates who watch only the liberal media for their news. This, in my opinion. Trump has so much going for him in the way of accomplishment, but he was unable to put forth what he has accomplished.

Do I think that he lost any votes, no; but neither do I think he won any of the undecided. Biden on the other hand could have, because he held up under pressure.

Biden needed to be allowed to talk, because his talk gets him in trouble. Trump did not allow much of that. Too bad.

In my opinion, if I were Biden and knowing that I was in the lead, I would end the debates. If Biden chooses to continue he has the most to lose.

So, if Trump does not pull this out in the time we have left, we will all lose as a country, even those who don’t believe this will lose.

Why have I concern over this debate? We must remember Biden has had media backing. everything that Trump said tonight to point out Biden indiscretions the liberal media has already deceptively denied as a lie. Trump therefore comes across to those watching liberal media as the liar. And all Joe had to say is “that’s a lie”.

Biden has agreed to Bernie’s green new deal, yet when Trump calls him out, Biden denies it. Problem is no one watching who watches liberal media knows about the Biden/Sanders pact on the green new deal. No one watching liberal media knows about the Obama/Biden attacks on the Trump Administration, which was based on lies. They know nothing of the Biden scandal with the Ukraine or with China and Moscow. Other than the liberal media spin telling us that these things have already been looked into, and there is nothing to them.

Lies were the means by which Russia controlled her people for most of the 20Th century. Lies were used in an attempt to remove this president, it did not work. But will lies now be the means of defeating him?