We have seen events tell a story as only God Himself can tell it. God has allowed us to see the agenda of men on both sides of the political isle in this election year. He has even allowed for the stacking of the court. How did He do that. He has every one of our days numbered. He knew the very second that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would pass from this life into her next, and He knew that from before the foundation of the earth. The court will be in place to direct this nation on the path to morality should we choose morality. But will this appointment make the difference?

The plot is set and the actors are on stage, but how will this act end? There are those who say that God controls everything. But if there is free will to reject His call, that cannot be true. God knows if you will vote and how you will vote, but He, being just, would not hold you accountable for your decisions — unless you are free to make those decisions.

This nation was established allowing the people of it to choose her direction. Your vote will be tallied into the determination for that direction.

You have been allowed to see the characters involved in this act of the American play. This could be a final Act in the determining of God’s continuing blessing on this nation. You actually will enter on to the stage for this Act, as your vote is registered in the books that will be brought out on the future judgment day. On that day God will read from the book, concerning what decision you made. Will it be recorded there that you voted for a righteous direction for your future, or will it show that your vote registered for unrighteousness. What you must remember is that no vote at all will be a vote against righteousness and against God’s continued blessing for America.

God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah until there was an accounting of those in that land who stood for or against righteousness. God is giving us the right this voting season to record our choice.

If voting for righteousness you must answer correctly the questions involving it:

-what is most important to me, is it unity with unrighteousness or righteousness even though it draws persecution and creates disunity?

-knowing that God tells us that He has formed us in the womb, can we claim abortion to be righteousness?

-knowing that God has spoken concerning the Family structure and that His word speaks against alternate lifestyles, can we remain silent or vote for men desiring laws which are leading men and women to choose unrighteousness?

-since racism is a personal sin, as is all sin, can we remain silent by not voting or vote for a party which condones and encourages racism against whites and policeman no matter what their color, while judging all whites no matter how they treat other peoples of color as if they are racist. Does not the very accusation that all people of a particular color are racist, not create the environment for racism from other peoples of color?

This is your time to select what you desire in the way of God’s blessing on this country. There is only suffering in store for a nation of peoples who come under God’s curse because of their rejection of His ways.

You will notice that here I spoke nothing of the personalities who are running in this election, but only of the actions of their party, of them and their supporters. May God continue to bless America. That is our wish as believers, but will it continue to be His action? Abraham is seen pleading for the saving of Sodom and Gomorrah based on the question of the righteousness of her people. God is seen destroying her on the basis of the unrighteousness of her people. That decision came down to the condition of the hearts of individuals.

But I caution you, if you personally choose righteousness and the nation opposes you and chooses unrighteousness , you will see persecution, from that opposition, even if the nation chooses a righteous course, there is still no guarantee that Christians will not see persecution. Evil is rising in these days. It will play it’s part in the future Acts of these last days.