So what is it that you are convinced is just not right in today’s world? It concerns you and it causes you to believe that Others are unable to see and hear?  Because the real issues according to Jesus concern our ability to see and hear, that we Love and not be deceived.

We live in a day of media manipulation and biased information delivered up without consideration of all the truth, or of what really concerns Jesus. Rather everything we hear is for impacting man’s agendas. This happens to some degree to all of us in these days. It certainly happens on both sides of the political isle, but it is definitely more prevalent on one side. It happens across the worldview spectrum. Our worldview does effect our bias concerning our truth.  So, if our bias is not based on all of what Jesus asks, we miss the truth.

This election more than any other is about two opposing world views. One is taking us toward a one world system, and the other toward maintaining a separate nation state with separate governance. Nations cannot be Christian, because that is an individual matter; but nations can support a Christian worldview. Those attempting to bring the world together as one have required compromise of laws affecting individual freedoms. We have already been introduced to those laws. Within them is the hate crime legislation, which effectively makes governing oneself by truly following Jesus and biblical principle to be a violation of a hate crime. Our charge as Jesus followers is to express Jesus love to others with a different worldview —“Go Ye into all the world”. In a nation that believes in individual freedoms one can challenge these anti witnessing laws in court. However in a world or a nation which has joined the world, one that dictates what you must believe and do then Christianity and religious freedom in general are destined to become crimes against the state. This was depicted in Israel’s captivity by the Babylonians, when men were demanded to, but three refused to bow down to the Golden Statue.  

In the book of Revelation the worlds influence upon men prompts God to call out:

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  Revelation 18:4 

Our Newly founded nation in a sense heard that call. Individual choice became important. Choose God or choose sin. A biblical worldview was the basis for this nation of laws at the time of our founding. We have moved away from that basis and as we become more liberal in that vein we move away from what is Biblical morality in our laws, and more toward a “what is truth” and what is moral approach.

So today life is less precious. We see that in Abortion; in Black Lives Matter, but Other Lives don’t. If you say all lives matter that is a sin to some — to many; perhaps to most. But to God all lives matter.  To God those in the womb matter. Yes those in the inner cities matter, and need to have the same opportunities that we have for education and jobs, and representation in government, and spending toward their infrastructure. But the free ride that has dominated the poor inner cities for decades does not motivate commitment to ones own well being, and to ones own eternal consideration. We have given housing education and opportunity, but it has not made the difference, because the motivation, if it comes, must come from within each individual.  Motivation can be educated; but it must be internalized. 

I don’t know about you but God and His desires for man was and is a motivator in my life. Yet, He is being eliminated from the modern equation. He has been replaced with drugs, alcohol and your truth and mine, but obviously not His own, which is what matters.

Therefore we have men and women in our streets who think that the system run by whites (that’s what they are told, or educated to think) has failed them. They want a new system with a new kind of authority. One that does not come into your area and arrest you for using drugs, and raping or beating up on a white man or a black Uncle Tom, because they are the problem. They call the cops. And they think that “the cops want to kill us”. So somehow it makes sense to them to fight with and resist the directions of someone, who has a gun and “wants to kill all black young men”. Does that even make sense? Obviously they don’t believe that these cops really just want to kill them. If they really did then their actions are purely suicidal, or they are among the deceived of our day. They want freedom to be taken to the next stage — no restraints on what they do and want to do. No cops. No courts, no laws.

God is love, and without Him we see and hear, and experience evil in our midst. When God is rejected in society Love, Justice and truth are rejected. As Biden once said “we choose truth over facts.” In fact I wish that were true? Why? Facts say that we can run wild without God. That if I can gain power and I disagree with you I can destroy you with no consequence to me in this life. That’s life in an uncivilized world. That world was once a fact for all people. Truth is God. Truth says God will judge me when He returns and I will not get away with injustice.

And so for me God’s worldview is on the ballot this election.