In this uTube meeting of Muslim Americans, Joe Biden is interviewed, and is told that he is endorsed by Muslim Americans.

Joe, in showing appreciation for the endorsement makes his theology clear, as he includes the Muslim Faith, and declares it one of the great confessional faiths, and is from the same root as to our fundamental basic beliefs.

He wishes that we taught more in our schools about the Islamic Faith. He speaks here of John Lewis who immediately opposed what Biden calls Trump’s “vial Muslim Ban”. He pledges to reverse it on Day one. The video sourced here is long, and Biden’s entry into the discussion is not until around the 49 minute mark. You will learn that Biden plan’s on having Muslims in his administration. He states that Muslim involvement goes all the way back to our founding, but his understanding is far from the reality of that involvement, as the young Nation sought to fight the piracy on the high seas conducted against American shipping by the Muslim Pirates of that day.

As a result of watching this Video by MGAGE, I sent the following message to a Republican friend of mine who told me that he supports Biden.

Bob, don’t know if you have considered all that your support for Biden entails. Your article mentioned that a Biden presidency will bring us some harm;  (not sure of the exact word used), but the point was that Trump’s second term would end the Republican’s hopes of ever again gaining office.  This attached political ad from Biden tells us what one of those adverse effects of a Biden presidency will be. 

Don’t know exactly what you thought of my last thoughts to you concerning the unity issue raised by you, but As I stated, unity is not always in your and my best interest. Unity is good on a live and let live level, which is really what freedom must be based on; otherwise there is no freedom. [if unity becomes for us more important than our Christianity; then we are done as a Nation]. Free speech allows of course, the opinions of all, the Supreme Court has ruled on the legality of the Trump ban:

Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, politically labeled as a Muslim ban[1] by detractors or a travel ban by supporters, was an executive orderby United States President Donald Trump

This was highly politicized and fought over but the Supreme Court ruled it to be legal for the protection of the country. We talked about the books we read. I have read within the last five years occasional articles and even one book by Muslims about the dangers of the agenda which the Muslims intend for our world. Much of it was through terrorism. I don’t know who originated this email, but they obviously know more of this than what this Ad from Biden actually shows. (The Ad comes from the MGAGE video that I have referenced for you here in this blog post). I don’t know what you personally Bob know, but there are true dangers involved here. Muslims gained a foothold in our government when Obama was president. His Director of CIA Brennan actually converted to the Muslim Faith. Thank the Lord not all Arabs are Muslim. And not all Muslims are radical, but Shariah law is part of the radical agenda, that moderate Muslims oppose.

You also invoked my chosen ending to my e-mails. “Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours,  but only God’s truth matters.” And Muslims do not present what you and I know to be God’s truth, if the Spirit of Christ dwells within us, we know this to be true. Muslims do not accept the Jesus of the Bible. 

I share all of this to let you know that this election is important to the future of your children.

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