Persecution Post – Nigeria Pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria! They are undergoing intense persecution and martyrdom. Remember those who …

Persecution Post – Nigeria

I believe that our Lord is slowly allowing us to see that persecution is spreading in our world. Christianity is now being seen, (by more than we care to think, who are in the progressive movement, as a superstitious uneducated unscientific and immortal scourge that is opposed to making our world great.

We must remember that the world is the enemy of Christianity. Christianity in the US was blessed by God because of our Constitution and the Bible’s influence on our country, but that document has been watered down to eliminate the Judeo/Christian impact of it’s content. The world about which we are warned in scripture, has been but even more so today is our enemy. When you come too close to the fire it will burn you. Truly we must uphold the persecuted church, even as they are prepared to do for us.

These things are real, yet, I have Christians who tell me that to say these things is fear mongering, and is not helping with unity among Christians. It may be possible to join with the world, and avoid persecution, but at what cost?