When researching for my first prophecy book, False Security, I did some of that research on the New Age Movement and the Occult. One very interesting thing that I discovered was that Hitler and the SS was very much influenced by the occult. So when I ran across the following quote my mind immediately began to make connection with some of that research.

“So the Nazis may have left their fingerprints behind on many things, to include flying saucer technology, the various underground races said to inhabit our inner earth, and even the abduction phenomenon itself. One shudders to think that such an evil human enterprise may continue in our time, equipped with some kind of hidden technology that enables them to exert a powerful force over our future lives.”*

If you have read any of what I have posted on this subject in the Alien materials I have produced, you can see how this sparked my interest. There is no doubt that Satanic influence is at work in our present world. We are becoming a world much more willing to reject the Bible, and accept our connections to Alien beings than to a creator God. In fact, we are not far removed from a time when it will be considered lunacy to even speculate concerning the subject of God and creation. Those of us who are older look at our world today and see a topsy turvy world almost devoid of the morals that we grew up with, forgetting that each generation since our own has moved farther away from those days.

So is there a race or are there underground races in our world as this quote suggests? The Bible tells us yes, and they are of the type spoken of in the quote above — “One shudders to think that such an evil human enterprise may continue in our time.” But this is one thing that has not changed, because the human race is once again being possessed by this underworld evil derived from Satanic influence. It is mind control of the worst kind. Hitler was but a precursor of a much more sinister human who is to come.

The ultimate Alien Being, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is once again coming to earth, but not before this occult member of society called Antichrist does his work as prophesied Biblically.

Quote taken from:

Above Top Secret ‘Eyes Only’: Is a ‘Breakaway Civilization’ Behind the Mysterious Secret Space Program? – By Sean Casteel (Archive) Source – seancasteel.com