It’s so interesting to see the news pundits tout this scenario. And no one can figure how this is happening. Well I am just waiting for even one of them to figure this very difficult problem out. Let me think what could the problem possibly be???

Well this might take some thinking. Let’s see murder? How do you hide that. Fact is a murder is a murder. The police show up even if you don’t want them to, because you just killed someone. And yes murder is up in almost every democratically run city. But other crime that is a big puzzle. How can crime be down? Well when you count rioting and arson, theft and injuries from rioting as peaceful demonstration, and you arrest nobody, for any demonstration because all demonstration is legal even if it involves injury and burning and theft etc. then yes crime would statistically be down in almost every one Of these Soooo well run cities.

The media actually think that they have us snowed, but they are not dealing with liberals on this deception. They are dealing with Americans.