I recently ran across “raptureintheairnow.com”. A Pre-Trib blog. I wanted to dialog with them, but what I’m doing here is what I had to settle for. Actually I was not allowed to log in when I returned after placing this post, but instead I got this message:

“enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.”

I did, and then:

“Password reset is not allowed for this user”

Apparently I would be seen as dangerous to any discussion on this blog following what I had tried to post. To my amazement there was not even an e-mail response to my attempted post.

In their rules upon my first visit I found stated:

#3.F. “This is a Pre-Trib forum. INTRODUCING any other viewpoint for discussion is not acceptable….

Don’t fear, we will show much grace to those of you who forget from time to time and slip up.

But, we will have a strong resolve against all who willingly try to be divisive or disrupting and have no honor or regard for authority. The spirit of rebellion is as witchcraft and will be dealt with swiftly.”

My first and only blog post to them as it turned out, just had to be a response to #3f. and it was evidently dealt with swiftly (men of their word), since I can no longer log in. I thought you might be interested in my attempted post? It follows:–

What I find interesting in these statements, which are your Rules for using this blog, is the fact that: 1). Rebellion in the context in which you use it, is probably not scriptural. The scripture is really about rebellion against God and His authority. It can be against man if God has established His authority, but it is often not even about man in God’s chain of authority, but about the Word itself. For were it against man Jesus and Paul would be considered to have been in rebellion to man in authority. And the disciples as well as the later reformers, all would be in rebellion to authority as you state it and therefore guilty of witchcraft. (2. Your site then ends the rules with the following.

“Please bear with us and continue to pray for our Lords guidance.”

But you have by way of your rules eliminated any guidance as well as any issues from scripture (the authority) from discussion. Any that God has shown anyone, which might be presented concerning the rapture. There are many scriptures that Paul used to make his case for the Rapture, which you are not allowing for discussion. You have settled on a timing that is not what Jesus taught in scripture nor what Paul himself taught when he taught on the Rapture, so why pray for the Lord’s guidance when we refuse to hear any scriptural issues other than our own. What if, His guidance would lead you to a post-Trib rapture? What if you had strayed from the scriptures truth on this subject? Read the last two verses in the book of James.

Without discussion neither of us can follow this direction to the believer. For example, you eliminate any discussion over what Jesus called a falling away Matt 24, and what Paul called the apostasy 2Thess 2; because that discussion would necessitate a discussion on the timing of the Rapture in order to be meaningful, and if there can be no discussion of the Post Tribulation rapture which is taught to occur; then certain scriptures must be eliminated which do teach clearly a Post-Trib Rapture.

Why?– because who are the candidates for falling away?– the Church representing the Believer in Jesus, or the Jews of the Nation Israel, or the World. Which is it? We can eliminate the world right away- there is nothing for them to fall from. The Jews who were and are not Jesus’ followers unless they are in the church have already fallen- this happened back in the first century, so their falling cannot be the end-time sign, as Jesus stated this to be in this passage. In fact their past fall has allowed you and I to enter the new covenant. Paul clearly teaches this. So who’s left? If the falling of the believer (a Christian) is a sign, are we already seeing it? If it is a sign connected to the abomination of desolation, as it would seem, are True believers in Christ then present at that time? These are legitimate questions needing answers from scripture.

Of course, I know your argument about this being the falling away of the Jew, but I think I’ve already eliminated that as a possibility, and yet we cannot discuss it. So if you are correct as you think; you have no means to correct my thinking. So, Your statement of faith would say “no challenge accepted, not interested in discussing scripture” In it you say: “We believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of all true believers (living and dead) to meet the Lord in the air and to be taken out of this world prior to the Tribulation that will come upon the whole world.” I can only assume that you state it this way (all living and dead) because you don’t believe that the first resurrection listed in Revelation 20:4-5, is part of this event known as the Rapture — an interesting twist when considering that the living and the dead of the Tribulation including the saved nation Israel will reign with us for 1000 years.

Further, your statement of faith concerning the Holy Spirit, agrees with what I believe, but not with what you teach. Concerning the Holy Spirit, you say that He is: “infinite and eternal God, who was sent by the Father…. We believe the Holy Spirit Indwells all true believers.” But this then is not what you believe of believers, who find themselves in the Tribulation? Unless they do not belong to Jesus, and if not they cannot even be saved. How do you prove this to be truth?

But obviously- no true discussion can be had on any of this, because I will be kicked off for rebellion and witchcraft, which is really in direct opposition to your rules as stated in rule #3.B. Is it really your intent to attack my

motives, and character? Witchcraft — really?

But in conclusion, If you guys are right about your discussion concerning the signs pointing to a soon to be Rapture, then we shall soon find out, because pre or post — soon is soon by God’s standard.

By the way if you should see someone entering the Temple and setting himself up as God, then you may want to look up my writings especially the “foundational” ones, on; And Then The End Shall Come. May God Bless all who love and seek for His truth. And Lord I am praying that you may guide those who are truly seeking your truth to find it, the rest Lord it appears that we know what happens to them. Yet, still I pray for them, for you died for all. In Jesus name I pray, Jerry Parks.


Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours,  but only God’s truth matters. 

This attempted post received no answer just immediate excommunication. Man’s rules are man’s rules, and God’s rules are God’s rules.