I’ve been thinking lately about standing up to evil. Sometimes we get confused about what it means to turn the other cheek. Jesus told us that this was the right thing to do. If someone hits you for no good reason, then you are to make no defense, and if they hit you again you are to take it, and Jesus did just that; but what He did not do was to fail to point out the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. What He did not do was to fail to answer them with truth when they came at Him with lies to attempt to make Him out a fraud. What He did not do was to allow them to feed the public fake religion without setting the record straight.

Nowhere in God’s law does it tell you to not bear truthful witness. So when Donald Trump stands up for truth he is shielding you the American people from the lies of fake or false news. He is doing no different than when Our Lord stood up to those sent to Him by the Sanhedrin in order to trick Him before His followers. He turns the tables on them. He calls them out for who they are — whitewashed tombstones. Was he loved for doing those things. Just read the gospels for your answer.

Now we all know what happened to the Lamb of God as a result of His embarrassing them, calling them thieves and robbers and refusing to buy their false narrative when they would come to Him with their trick questions.

The people of that day worshiped for a short while, our Lord as King. They did this on the Good Friday before they called for His Crucifixion.

Donald Trump is not the savior of our soul from sin, nor is he the savior of our nation from falling to socialism, but you the voter will be charged with that feat. Trump is just the only leader in America right now capable of being used for such a purpose. Like it or not he is the one whom God has blessed us with, but will we yield to the rulers of fake news, and call for his ouster as did the people who supported Our Lord before they crucified Him?

Trump was put in power, I believe, in order to shed light on the reality of the corruption that exists in this nation’s government. If he is voted from office, then every liar who is now being investigated for future prosecution will escape unscathed in the next Administration. And that Administration will go on with the lies and corruption. These men are deceivers deceiving and being deceived.

William Bar was brought up for impeachment less than two weeks ago. The bid failed or did it? He has since announced that he will step down after this Trump term. Fear is effecting the decisions of many in the Republican Party today. The Democrats may also fear, but they are much more ruthless and knowing that he is about to reveal the truth about their former Administration complete with convictions; they have done what they do best. They have intimidated. This is why we are seeing all of the smoke raised from Covid and rioting. Heads will roll in the Justice Department should Trump lose. The Supreme Court which continues to rule against our constitution even though the court is mostly appointed by Conservative Republicans will surely not ever be turned back to conservative values if Trump loses. This battle we face is manifesting itself in the flesh, but it is truly spiritual. If spiritual people do not enter this battle Trump will lose.

I have written several articles on time and timing lately. There is a time coming when good will lose out to evil all together. That time will come no doubt when this country and our world fails to uphold good and crosses God’s red line by continuing to choose what is proven to be evil.

And so, that time will come. As it must before Jesus returns to be the ruler who will know all hearts, and pass His judgment accordingly.