We have seen in this weeks posts that Time is the key to a proper division of truth (the Word of God). But it is also the key to truth in what is happening in our own day concerning Race.

If rightly divided time will tell the real story of racism in America. If you viewed the video that I posted this week on the part of the Declaration of Independence which was written but left out, you will know why I say this. In my opinion this video coming to me at the time that it did is God’s stamp upon this message and this series. But that’s my opinion. It means nothing.

But God’s timing does. His revelation of things in His timing does. God does not take control of your free will, but He does intervene on the stage of time with His progressive revelation. The revelation of this document in Jefferson’s possession is one such revelation.

You see it allows us to see that we as a country are not systemically racist, as we are told. Most of this Country was founded by colonies who wanted to abolish slavery. Most in this country in fact did not even own slaves. The explanation of why this abolition of slaves did not happen at the time of the nations founding is profound, and explains why there were white men willing to fight for its abolition. White men who did not change their minds about racism, but who were raised by parents and grandparents who were not racist, but whose majority elected Lincoln, and fought for his cause to free all men who were Americans.

We today’s Americans who are thought to accept this, and had our kids taught in our schools that we have always been a racist country; we have since our founding fought to free other nations and peoples regardless of color from the tyranny of tyrants such as those, who now seek to overthrow this very same country through lies and propaganda.

Time tells us that our own teachers in our schools have bought into these same lies and spread this communist socialist propaganda. Having spread these lies within our colleges, universities, and public schools; now want us to believe that we are racist.

So are you racist? There is a cure, and it is not tearing down the government in America. It is turning to God who gives us our freedoms and then repenting of all sin. It is asking God through Christ’s payment for all sin to forgive you and change your hearts. This country at this juncture in TIME can only be saved from destruction by a national revival — a turning back to God. If you love your kids and grandkids, you will pray for this turning, for without it the lies and propaganda will win in this war, and our time will be recorded in history as the time America fell, and became a part of the prophesied New World Order. Is this that Time? Or will we see revival?

If we return at this TIME to the fundamental changes that the A.O.C.’s of this country, who are now burning down the cities of this country in order to accomplish; then our TIME will be the time that America died, and took the world with it.