If you want your children to be properly educated do this. Should you want to change the education system in your County do this. Parents withdraw your kids from the school system now, do it all at once over the next week or two; then put down the reason for withdrawal when asked as being — to provide a “Christian Education through Home Schooling”.

Believe me these liberals will go crazy. CoVid problems will disappear overnight. They will reopen schools overnight. Your children will not need to wear masks. They will not need to social distance.

When they announce the reopening the next week, after all these withdrawals, do not reenroll your children unless they agree to have a one hour per week class on the Christian Faith to be taught by local Christian pastors. Don’t worry they will be more than willing to get themselves together and draw up a plan to accomplish this. Additionally, these same pastors will teach a one hour per week class in American History. Demand it. Do it, the school system can worry about giving other faiths equal time. Right now Christianity gets no time, and the Muslim Faith, and the Agnostics and Atheists get it all. This needs to change.

It’s time we use our freedoms and our leverage before we lose our freedoms.

Maybe all of this is occurring in our time in history to give us Christians a backbone. I’ve been working on a series of posts on time and it’s impact on our version of truth; on our confusion. And from these articles this line of thinking has come. God is the creator of time. This is our time. Use it well.

So what have you got to lose you can always reenroll your children back in the public system without doing anything beyond withdrawing them. But maybe, just maybe if there are enough of you who really care, you can change the tapestry of America’s education system, which has created what you are currently seeing on the streets of America calling for our destruction. And just maybe you will not lose your children and my grandchildren.

Don’t delay your action, be the first to take action. If enough of you do this it will make a difference. If you get together even by phone with other parents it can make a difference. What if God means to take this evil and turn it to good?

One other thing you must do — share this article, but only if you agree that this just might work to save our children and our nation. Otherwise we keep doing nothing, while asking ourselves what can I do. The schools are now closed and it will not effect you one bit to withdraw your child today from fall enrollment, unlike once they are restarted. If they won’t meet your demands by the time of reopening seriously pray about actually placing your children into Christian school.