We all at times put ourselves through this brain stimulation on some subject or another. But I’m asking you today what if President Trump loses this election?

First, before we attempt to answer that question, let me set the stage with what seems to be fact at this point concerning this election.

California has already sent out mail-in ballots. The question is what other states will follow suit? Then we will get to what this will mean to the election.

Will all the blue states use mail-in ballots this election. The chances are near 100% certain that they will. Will the red states use mail-in ballots? The chances I would believe would be something near a no chance. So this then leaves the swing states, and most of these are under Democratic control. I would bet the farm, as they say, on those swing states under Democrat control using mail-in ballots.

So how will mail-in Ballots be handled? Herein is the problem. Ballots will be mailed to each household, but how many? How can this be accurately determined? If too many are mailed what will happen to the remainder? Who will oversee the excess ballots? Who will cheat and who will not? I think you know the answer to that question, but just for those who don’t. The sheep are already being led to slaughter, and they can easily rationalize that a second or third ballot cast can only help the country. Fair elections will not matter to those who rationalize their morality — to those who do not fear God.

Fair elections will only take place in red states. Red states and swing states controlled by Republicans will I predict ultimately go for Trump in a landslide, but, and it is a big but, those using mail-in ballots will go in a landslide against him. It’s a no brainer. People will vote who never have — even the unregistered.

So what happens if he loses, which you now see that I’m suggesting is a no brainer. I’m not a prophet, just being realistic with what will happen given what is now developing into a rigged election. So the question is a valid one. The answer is not certain.

Chances are the economy will not recover, illegal immigration will ramp up, as Trump’s walls constructed will come down. the stock market will be stagnant at best. The one world order will move forward. Crime will ramp up, as police funding is drastically cut. Unemployment will remain high. Political correctness will claim more of your freedom to speak your mind. Religious freedom will be lost to all except liberal congregations who have no problem with redefining and liberalizing morality. Christians who do speak out will begin to be prosecuted for hate crimes. The electoral college will more than likely be eliminated for future elections. Socialism will be aggressively pursued.

You may not agree, and all of this may not occur, but chances are most of it will over the four years following this election. Four years ago no one would have believed we are where we are today.