My Believing brothers with whom I closely associate will often discuss with me these questions, and we usually come up without answers, but here are the questions: — why do so many Christians not vote? And, why do so many vote against the party that stands far and above the other for righteousness?

Well, yesterday while I was reading on another blogger’s site, I ran across a comment from one person who posted as Annie. I don’t know Annie, I don’t know her last name or if Annie is truly her first name for that matter, and 1 don’t really want to know; but what she had to say may have an impact on the answers to our questions. I’ll use only one excerpt here:

ANNIE commented: “For some of us in the body of Christ, the Spirit of God raises a strong witness against listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and the conservative Fox News talking heads. For what we have experienced first-hand has been what God wrote to us as wisdom …. walk with the wise …. make no friendship with an angry man, lest you learn his ways …. if you perceive foolishness in the mouth of a man, then go from his presence. What we have experienced in our friendships, in our local assemblies ….????? The reactions of Christians are without restraint, without the spirit of God’s gentleness, meekness of wisdom …. and out of the mouths words are spouted in a common tone …. just like the talking head that these brethren spend three-plus hours a day taking in, drinking of the spirit that is talking through these ungodly, or should I say unChristlike, communicators.

Annie wrote a good deal more than this. She wrote many paragraphs. And even though I am blocked from posting on the site on which she made her comment, for the reason that I have been post-Trib in my first few comments there; but, still I had to reply to Annie. Here is that reply.

Annie, if I were allowed to post on Terry’s site, here is what I would ask of you. First how have you gained such ability to judge the Limbaugh’s and Beck’s without listening to them? Secondly, if you are so separated from the world that you do not become informed by those who can see what is happening, those who stand against abortion, and rioting, and the taking of our freedom of speech, which grants to us the only reason that has allowed the spreading of this gospel of our Lord and savior; then how do you determine where to place your vote? Unfortunately for those like yourself, few pulpits broadcast this information today.

Thirdly, do you vote? — I ask this because many Christians today do not. I would be interested if you do?

It is understood from scripture that God often uses men who do not know him. You and I are the ones charged with being discerning of what is the truth of our times. Jesus seemed to ignore the “spirit of God’s gentleness”, of which you speak, when addressing the Pharisees of His time, who did not understand their times. Being uninformed does not make us aware.

Perhaps if you had told us of the news sources that you do rely on; then some of my questions would not have been necessary. Or maybe I would have had others. Though I can agree with some of what you have stated here, still some of it seems judgmental against persons whom you probably don’t even know. If you do know them and their hearts then I apologize. But remember every fruit that one produces is not without spot or blemish. The type of fruit determines the tree, but all fruit must be culled including my fruit and yours.

These were my comments to Annie, and they would be the same to you, if you do not inform yourself and vote for righteousness as much as you can in our land.

Well at least I tried with Annie, but again was blocked. You can block me also. It’s your choice, or at least it is your choice yet today. But what about tomorrow.