Evil will always attempt to present itself as good. Satan appears as an angel of light. Recently my younger son asked me to comment on the reporting of racial actions taken by government over a time some of which included my own history. Here is my reply to him.

When I was a kid

In the early 50’s in the town square in Americas Ga. the KKK were hanging young black men for just looking at a white woman. 

But each time that happened my Dad would come in and tell us how horrible this was. 

During the days of segregation in the sixties and seventies bad things happened to blacks. Churches and houses burned. 

Separation of whites and blacks occurred at water fountains, bathrooms, and in communities. 

In those years blacks were purposely kept out of white communities. They were made to sit in the back of buses.  They were spoken down to. 

The KKK burned crosses on yards of Blacks who stood up for their equality, and of whites who supported them. These were warnings to mind your manners and to keep your freedom of speech to yourself.

Many of those in the KKK were Christian by day and KKK by night.  Evil wares no particular skin color.  Many Southern Representatives and Senators were klansmen.  Not all (the majority) of white men never supported these actions then, or now. But neither did they openly oppose them.  Evil was being overlooked even as it is today. 

These things require taking sides against or for, and this is why you have often heard me state proudly that Rosa Parks is my Aunt Rosa. This was my way of letting people know that I do not support Discrimination. God is no respecter of persons.

But those who march with black lives matter are entering into a different type of discrimination. They are putting all blue lives in the same category that the KKK placed all blacks.  Evil is just Evil no matter who it is discriminating against. 

Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours, but only God’s truth matters.

His question resulted from the video below, you may want to view it. Our job is to be discerning of the evil around us. There is truth and falsehood on both sides of the race issue that we face today.


Let me know your thoughts on this: