If you watched Laura Ingraham on FOX Friday night, which I did not watch until Saturday, then you know, because it becomes obvious that there is a thread connecting all of the events of this election year to the Coup against the Trump Administration, and it is formidable against the Us Constitution. We conservatives (most all) have probably suspected this already, but now it is being revealed in bits and pieces as part of the news. It is also revealed to the eye that can see in the very coverup portrayed in the Socialist supported and controlled media. How you say — by their total and complete cover up of facts, and of the science that they tout.

They ignore reporting what they see — From the retired US Generals some of whom had formerly replaced those conservative set aside Generals, who had been fired under the former Obama Administration. Remember that action?

They ignore the Impeachment farce.

They ignore the CoVid handling and it’s lack of science.

They ignore the riots.

They ignore that all of this has been exploited and that it explains the Coup and it explains their false narrative.

If this is not true than the deaths in the nursing homes are not part of this sinister election year plan to take down Trump. But we know that it is true.

The actions on the part of large Cities to integrate CoVid patients into nursing homes would have a twofold impact on Trumps re-election. He of course must be blamed for the deaths, which the science had told these governors would happen from these actions. Remember they are not ignoring science, they are just deceivers, and they are gravely sinister. Then their is the science concerning the vote — Older people killed would not vote legally for Trump, but certainly they would vote if mail in ballots were used by sinister men and women working these elections in their legally run districts. You say that can never happen. It has been happening in prior elections. And that fact is proven. Remember these people do what they falsely accuse others of doing.

This planned takedown did not start with Jim Comey. It is bigger than him and he is pretty big, and was pretty far up. So this investigation, if it ever proceeds as it must if this Republic is to survive; then must include all elements of this Coup. It needs to include these involved who are these very outspoken Generals, because it is their tactics that are being used in these riots and in these actions against America’s US constitution. It needs to include the CDC and Fauci. It needs to include Governors making CoVid decisions, and Representatives involved in the fake Impeachment, and it needs to include the involvement of Republican Senators such as Romney. If Trump was fair game for investigations; then these are fair game for investigations. Begin NOW.

Why? — If Trump loses this election all will be swept under the preverbal rug, never to be heard from again. Deep State will be forgotten, and fake news will then be dominant. Laws will establish that dominance. FOX NEWS WILL DISAPPEAR; Democrats in Government will continue the redistribution of everyone’s wealth except for their own, and that of their contributors. One party will rule the country as dictators. Remember what they falsely accuse Trump of doing, they are and we’ll be doing. This is their MO.

And if you value your Religious freedom THEN Don’t let it continue to happen people. But always remember your freedom is in Christ even if the powers around you steals your personal freedom. Abide in Him.