Let me tell you why and if.

The unpremeditated murder of a man formerly unknown to all who are protesting and looting, and has caused every major city in our Nation to be pummeled, is all it has taken. It has caused the rest of us to watch in Awe as all this transpires. Contrast this with the following:

There is today in the Senate testimony confirming what we all suspected, and now know was a planned take over of our government, and no one cares enough to make any protest.

A million babies die in the womb every year, and no one cares any more. Preachers don’t preach about it. Parents don’t teach their children that it breaks God’s heart, and no there isn’t any protest.

Politicians lie to us every day and no one protests.

The Media news outlets are misleading in their reporting each and every day and no one protests.

40,000,000 workers are out of jobs in this country alone and many of them are being paid by your future tax dollars. You now know that the shut down of the country causing this was unnecessary, but no one protests.

Hydroxychloroquine has been kept from patients with CoVid -19, until they are admitted to the hospital when study after study proves that before Hospital is the time that this treatment should be given, and yet no one protests.


So why should I be horrified? Because knowing all of this we (none of us) seem to be horrified enough to act. Why? 40% plus of us Christians believe that God is the cause of all this, rather then sin. Another 40% plus think that we will all be raptured at any moment or the very next Rosh Hashanah, if not sooner. 10% have no clue what’s going on. And these are among the possible 5% of the world’s saved. 95% of the world are on the brink of ushering in a New Messiah.

Jesus says: “come out from among them My people”. I am horrified that I live among believers including myself, who have to hear these words “COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM”. Are we so worldly, are we so wrapped up in our own version of what is, that we need this warning from our Savior? Judgment is coming sooner than we may think. You do not want to be identified with this world when it comes. You do not want your children or their children to be identified with this world when it comes. My horror is over the condition of the church of these last days.