Think about it. They are happy to be home while still being paid. Many of them are retired and being paid.

What about the 28%? They are the unemployed, the concerned over the loss of individual rights. The concerned over the loss of a free press. The concerned over the closing permanently of their business, or their job. The concern over a Blue State paying out big bucks to illegals, while these states are asking the Federal taxpayer to bail them out for being bankrupt. The concern over the liberal Christians calling the conservative believers hypocrites for not wanting to fund their illegal neighbors while those neighbors applaud and fund the abortion clinics, fund them and yet refuse to help their homeless. The concern over the lies that permeate the political arena. The concern over increased depression. The concern that one party wants to destroy the the country in order to rule surfs. Why in heavens name are the 72% happy? While Rome burned Nero fiddled, and blamed the Christians.