They certainly are at present closing in on our future; but when will they be near in establishing their goals? There are two systems present and each we are told could bring both into being — There is the globalist NWO (New World Order), and there is Radical Islam. Which candidate makes the most sense in the establishment of biblical Babylon?

There is no doubt which one I see leading us to that unenviable state. Radical Islam is not my candidate. Within Islam’s own ranks not unlike within Christianity, resides the reason. Most Muslims do not support the radical element of their religion. Most Muslims, as is the case with most Christians, do not know their own sacred writings.

There is no doubt that the leadership of the world including our own deep State are moving toward UN control over things that effect our freedoms. There is also no doubt that we have lost many of our freedoms within our own country. When our leaders aggressively legalize what God calls sin, and then make it hate speech to take exception to their actions, they have in effect made it illegal to express your religious opinions in public.

The election of Trump has only spurred them on to more drastic measures. Our younger generation no longer knows what America was established to look and be like.

So as we continue to lose these foundations for our freedoms we grow closer as a people to sheep being led astray. On the other hand as our country caters to the NWO we as believers are set up as enemies of our own State.

We are seen as such because within our governments established Deep State the criminal element runs the government and they go free while we are on their hit list for one reason only — our ability to see through them. All that they need is the right crisis and they will help create a “better” world through their expanded control. Once they establish the NWO time as we know it will be short. And the sheep will go along with it, in fact they will demand it.

Let me explain further why I rule out the radical Islamists. They intend to destroy America and Israel. To them their right to paradise is based on their works and how the scales are tipped. Their only real assurance of salvation as taught by Mohammad comes when they fight for and or die in Jihad. So are they motivated to take lives and die in the process? — some you can see are. But the question is will this gain for them the control of the world?

There is fear that they will use nuclear weapons against Israel and America. Should they do that the worlds leaders would not just sit idly by. God would not sit idly by. There are concerns that they will achieve their goals through population growth. Even though they are making strong inroads in some European countries they are far from that goal here in the Americas, in China, in Russia, and in India.

Also, Muslim theology requires the twelfth imam to destroy Israel. This is one of the signs to Muslims revealing who this twelfth imam actually is. But, If Israel is destroyed, then there will be no Temple in which Antichrist according to the Bible will enter to announce himself as God. Therefore the Bible would be incorrect and there will be no Antichrist system. And that is just one problem that they face, the other is God Himself. He’s not going to let it happen.

So my conclusion is that the New World Order will eventually rise above the Radical Muslim movement, and at some point before Israel’s destruction, which they call for, we will see almost total destruction of the radical elements of Islam Answering Israel’s Psalm 93 prayer. But unfortunately believers in Jesus will be seen to be no different then the radicals of Islam by this New World Order.

One thing is certain Antichrist and Mystery Babylon will exploit both Islam and the New World Order as vehicles that Satan has chosen to bring in his system.

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