So, we now know that as many suspected up front — the numbers are and were wrong. But what else is known?

Millions, and billions possibly have been wasted, because the models were wrong. Fake models – this is what needs to be investigated in our country. This is the science that we keep hearing that we conservatives always ignore. But I wonder why? Truth is always avoided by those with an agenda.

What is really behind these scientific models that were so unscientific that they will be responsible for wrecking America’s economy. But even more sinister what is the story behind the virus itself?

So many unanswered questions, but some are being answered. Some things we are beginning to understand. The answer to the the numbers — why are they higher for CoVid deaths in America than elsewhere in the world. One answer fraud resulting in fake counting. The counting is something that we’ve looked at before from the standpoint of those numbers being used against Trump’s handling of this crisis. So, why call it fraud? The states are paid so much for each hospitalized CoVid case. This is a formula for fraud. The result was surly known at the time this compensation system was set up. It would greatly impact the actual counts. Interesting, as well as criminal.

But Unfortunately, I must say that those who believe all of this falsehood from the left actually will deserve the country and world that they will be inheriting. We can only hope that it will be understood that the Democrats in their effort to destroy Trump along with the media, assisted by the deep state which supports them are responsible along with their fellow socialist Chinese comrades for this failed economy. Perhaps then we may have a few good years left. But it gets worse.

It is really too bad that the media were not also considered nonessential along with the churches in this shut down. For they like the Congress are a do nothing bunch.

For the real truth behind this virus and our real battle with China and the media, click on the following link, and be prepared for …

This is a must watch.