How do we heal it?

1. No patient with Corona should be admitted to a hospital with other non infected patients. Segregate the infected. And the virus will not spread rapidly. The very sick to a hospital just for Corona patients. The not so sick must self quarantine.

2. Have all compromised healthy older and younger folks stay at home, in a self protective quarantine until there is a vaccine, or a medication which will save them from serious illness from the virus if contracted. This would greatly reduce deaths.

3. Put younger non compromised people back to work, and back in school, with the information that we know about how to avoid serious illness from this virus; such as do not use ibuprofen — it mixed with this virus is a killer even of the otherwise healthy.

4. Set up a government run free home delivery service with strict guidelines to insure virus free product delivery to compromised self quarantined individuals.

5. Set up round the clock government paid child care for compromised parent, or parents.

6. Have strict sterilization guidelines and oversight for hospitals and nursing home employees.

7. Continue To rush through drug trials for further mitigation of death and of the viral effects on both compromised and non compromised Americans. The elimination of the death threat being the goal. The virus as with other viruses probably never will be stamped out.

If businesses are not put back into operation, the economic depression will far outweigh the impact of the virus on our health. This fear that has come your way is not without purpose. The Lord knows what is occurring. The fear and respect of Him is the beginning of wisdom for you. Turn to Him with your fears. Read blogs such as this one and you will find answers, but even better you will find peace with your creator. You Cannot earn a relationship with this awesome God. He offers it free, and grants all who will turn to Him the gift of salvation. Jesus died in your place. Seek Him and you will find Him.