He calls for more ventilators and test kits

He, as are the Democrats, is calling for only what private industry can produce for us. Problem is most all of what he calls for has been forced out of our country by his and his counterparts past actions, and the world is in a pandemic, and he wants to pass the buck. The world is now competing for these very products that are mostly manufactured in other countries.

These people are never responsible for anything. Yet, they are the very ones responsible. Trump who has brought industry back to this country will get this job done quicker and better than any politician, because he is not a politician. If you trust these mouthy politicians to resolve this, it will not happen, because it is going to take private industry to solve it.

Trump has already removed many of the roadblocks that congress had put in place, which up until now has hampered industries quick action or reaction to this crisis.

If we do not find a way to quickly eliminate career politicians from Washington this country is doomed. Sorry to say.

This virus seems a wake up call. It possibly could be our last to repent of a greater pandemic which as a nation is a rebellion against God. Once God’s blessing is withdrawn it is not likely to return for at least a generation. For Israel that was 40 years.